At the Western Newfoundland Brewing Co., we brew our beer traditionally in small batches with clean, clear, crisp Western Newfoundland water.

We're just getting started and will be making more delectable craft beers for your taste buds to revel in soon! For now, take a swig of one of these tasty brews.

Wild Cove Pub Ale
A smooth, full bodied brew with a creamy head and tawny copper colour. The flavour is bready with herbal, spicy notes. Brewed with Pale and Munich Malts and moderately hopped with Nugget and Tettnang.

Killdevil Pale Ale
Brewed with Pale and Vienna Malts. Light in colour with a full body and a luscious creamy head. Generously hopped with Centennial and Citra hops for tangy flavours of grapefruit and pine.

Green Gardens Haze
ABV & Type of Beer: 5.2% 
Appearance: Golden honeybees mating on a daisy.
Aroma: Peaches and Cream at dawn.
Texture: Full bodied, a wee bit viscous
Taste: Citrus and honey off the top and fresh-baked oat bread to finish.

Behind the Beer: We developed this beer specifically to be enjoyed on a sunny but not-too-hot Western Newfoundland day. Beer lovers love it. Non-beer lovers love it. Everyone loves it.

Strout River
ABV & Type of Beer: 6.1% 
Appearance: Chroma desaturation vortex. 
Aroma: Dark dark chocolate. Dark dark coffee.
Texture: Surprisingly smooth and light on the palate. 
Taste: 80% Cacao fine dark chocolate paired with the world's finest espresso.

Behind the Beer:  We wanted a stout that did its own thing. No astringent after-taste, thick as we can muster but still light on the belly. The dry coffee and cacao notes make the drinker wonder if this is a beer at all. A superhero's breakfast.


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